1: Pull and hold headlight flasher toward you.

2: Insert key in the ignition and turn to position 1...allows headlight to operate

3: Release and flash the headlight 4 additional times. (In some cases, only three times will be necessary.) Alarm will enter programing mode indicated by a chime and or a flash from the led light by the shifter

4: Program the transmitter by pressing the unlock or lock button. The horn should beep and or the led light up. You need to press the remote so that the horn/ light goes off 5 times. Then turn the key off and try the remote.

Note: (If you had other remotes to program, you would need to press the other remote buttons at least once, but maintain the 5 total beeps)


我試過是無法完成  還是要靠專用設備如VCM去設定



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